Foundation Aggregates


Foundation Aggregates

ASUF – 20mm Under Floor Fill

Ideal for filling house foundations and areas that are going to be concreted, such as driveways, footpaths, paved areas, and garden sheds.

ASSA – 10mm Bedding Sand

Building sand for laying over aggregate before concrete is poured.

ASPM – 4-7mm Pea Metal

Primarily for bedding when laying Novaflo and PVC drains.

ASSH – Straight Haul

All in sand and stone product straight from the river bed that can be used as a filling on roads, tracks, and building sites.


Engineered Fill made up of crushed river gravels and fines certified for use in foundations. MDD and Sieve Tests can be located below. AS65B Sieve Grading


Engineered Fill made up of crushed river gravels and crushed concrete. This popular product can be used for driveways, concrete prep. carparks……The crushed concrete content ensures it sets hard. MDD and Sieve Grading can be located below 2022 AS40B Compaction Curve  |   AS40B Compaction Curve  | AS40B Seive Grading