About Us


About Us

Established in 1970, we provide a wide range of drainage, earthworks, and aggregate supply services and solutions here are Awakeri Drainage. We are a family-owned business that prides itself on the standard of quality we deliver for all our clients. Those clients come from industries that include agriculture, horticulture, construction, and viticulture.

We have a highly experienced team and an extensive fleet of well-maintain vehicles, plant, and machinery. All our machinery is modern, including our specialist equipment.

To discuss your requirements and to get a quote, please give us a call today.

Why Choose Us?

  • We deliver an excellent standard of workmanship for affordable prices, so your days of dealing with quality issues on contracting work or cowboys completing on the cheap will be over.
  • We offer turnkey, high-quality drainage systems that last a lifetime to improve the drainage on your land.
  • Our modern and well-designed machinery setups mean we can get work done fast, often well before deadlines.
  • Our team has a diverse range of skills that means we can allocate resources from different angles to get jobs done fast.
  • We ensure we have all the products we offer in stock at all times, solving your supply issues with aggregates.


History of our company


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  1. Ron J Bishop with 1st walk behind trencher at home – 1970
  2. RJ Bishop on Davis 20+4 in Frimley doing water trenching – 1978
  3. Brookfields drainage for orchard development (Jim Bishop pictured) – 1981
  4. 25+4 diesel motor Parkvale for Post & Telegraph – 1987
  5. Ditch Witch 6510 installing Novaflo in Twyford for orchard drainage – 1990
  6. Laying clay tiles, Meannee for cropping paddocks – 1980
  7. Mere Rd first depot, Massey Ferguson backhoe loader, Caterpillar backhoe loader – 1990
  8. Duel Grade Laser, drainage for Pakowhai vineyard – 1981
  9. Twyford irrigation – 1984