Track Maintenance


Track Maintenance

ASRM – Screened Red Metal

A product that sets very hard and is ideal for filling around troughs, farm gateways, etc.

ASLM – Tracking Lime 16mm

A versatile lime product that is popular on orchards and can be used in load out areas, tracks, etc.

ASSH – Straight Haul

Stone product straight from the Ngaruroro Riverbed that is ideal as a filling on roads, tracks, and building sites.

ASFT – Screened Farm Track 40mm

A rounded stone product with a high sand content that makes an attractive topping for load-out areas, farm tracks, and orchard tracks.

AS20 – Top Course 20mm

Crushed and screened rock product that is ideal as a finish in areas that are going to be hot mixed, or tar sealed.

AS20B – Top Course 20mm Blend

20mm crushed and screened rock, blended with screened silt for an ideal finishing layer.

AS40 – Base Course 40mm

Medium-strength crushed stone product that is suitable for road, track, and load-out area bases.