Topsoil – Lawn & Garden


Topsoil – Lawn & Garden

We process and screen all our own soil products – recycled from jobs and foundations that we have dug out.

ASTS-20 – 20mm Screened Topsoil

Perfect for Gardens, filling low areas and as a base for instant turf. Also a budget friendly option for final lawn prep, if you don’t mind a few small stones and sticks that come through the process.

ASTS-10 – 10mm Screen Topsoil

A finer topsoil for a nicer finish. Used for final lawn levelling and seeding your lawns. More expensive than the 20mm option.

ASLF – Landscape Fill

A cheap, 65mm bulk fill used for filling in larger low areas and providing the ‘bulk’ fill in your project. Used to form a base for 20mm or 10mm soils.

ASTS-U – Unscreened Topsoil

Unspecified product comprising mainly of topsoil that has come in from site dugouts. Can be inconsistent, have turf sods, sticks and things that the screen removes.