Graded Stone


Graded Stone

ASPM – Pea Metal 10mm

Primarily for bedding when laying PVC drains as it eliminates compaction problems.

ASGS – Graded Stone 10-20mm

Graded Stone that can be used in drainage and pathways, the size of the stones make these an ideal substitute for pea metal.

ASGS – Graded Stone 20-40mm

Graded stone that is ideal for soak pits, effluence trenches, sheep yards, and cattle yards.

ASGS – Graded Stone 40-60mm

Graded stone used for soak pits and other larger drainage needs.

ASOV – Overs 40mm+

High strength graded stone that provides a good base for roading. It is also suitable for water table erosion prevention, soak pits, and water galleries.

ASBD – Boulders 100mm+

Graded stone that is suitable for water table erosion prevention areas, Gabian baskets, culvert discharge areas, soak pits, inlet areas, and dam wall erosion prevention.