70ha Orchard Development!


70ha Orchard Development!

  • awakeridrainage
  • 14 Apr, 2021

The Awakeri Team have recently completed one of several large orchard redevelopment projects here in Hawkes Bay.

Step 1) Remove all 25ha+ of trees, mulch and cart away mulch

20200522 141850

Orchard Tree Mulching

Step 2) Fill in old drains, construct well drilling pads and tidy site up

20200727 124903

Step 3) Survey, design and excavate new large open drain to square the block up for more efficient use of land

Tatersall Drain

New drain with stabilised bank and Jute matting on the base

Step 4) Survey, design and install high capacity subsurface drainage system to exacting tolerances using RTK GPS. This ensures we don’t conflict with tree posting, irrigation lines and track areas.

20170829 092743

Drainage line – very straight.

Step 5) Excavate tracks and loading pad areas. Import and spread tracking material.


Excavate tracks

This months-long staged project has been a huge success for all parties involved, paving the way for sustainable and profitable orchard management.

Green Round Tick